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When a Refrigerator Sweats

when a refrigerator sweats condensation

“sweat” – condensation inside or outside your refrigerator can be serious

We all know about sweating – living in Palm Beach County in southeast Florida means heat, and heat means sweat. The build-up of condensation on either the inside or outside of a refrigerator is also know as “sweating,” and no matter how much moisture forms when a refrigerator sweats, it is usually an indicator of a serious problem.

If you find that the inside of your refrigerator is sweating, the most common cause is broken or faulty door seals. Your refrigerator seals are meant to perform the dual task of keeping the cold in as well as keeping the warm exterior air out. The seepage of warm air into the refrigerator will create the condensation that appears as this “sweat”. Just as you find dew on the morning plants or furniture when warm moist air meets the cooling of the night, your refrigerator will act as a mini-environment of its own. While the dew of the early day may be refreshing to see, the sweat on the inside of your refrigerator is a cause of alarm.

When the sweat is found on the outside of the refrigerator, there may be any number of issues related to the insulation of the unit. With the cold seeping out of the refrigerator or freezer, that same process of condensation will occur, only this time it is the cold of the interior that is creating the wetness on the exterior.

What to Do When a Refrigerator Sweats

In either case, sweating reveals your refrigerator isn’t regulating temperature properly, and you should have it inspected by a professional.

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