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Affect of Humidity on Appliances

affect of humidity on appliances and washing machine electronic control board

Do NOT add water!

There are two very common things here in south Florida that do not mix well: humidity and electronics. Unless you have not replaced any of your appliances in the last decade or so, you have electronic boards within your appliances that control the functions of those appliances. The affect of humidity on appliances will be very apparent to you if and when that humidity permeates the box that houses the electronic control boards.

The Real Affect of Humidity on Appliances

No different than if you were to simply pour water into the electronics of your appliances, the unstopped flow of humidity into your appliance’s electronics can cause deterioration of the printed circuit board or even transistors. This in turn can cause the appliance to stop working entirely, or to simply perform poorly due to changes in resistance.

Since most modern appliances are built with this in mind, if you are experiencing humidity’s affect on appliances in your home or business it is because of a flaw in the insulation or gasket seals. This may not be difficult to repair but left unchecked, the continued deterioration of the control board might lead to complete loss of that board.

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If the humidity does not directly moisten your electronics, it can be the initial cause of the creation of mold within your appliance. Warmth and moisture are the mainstays of Palm Beach and when they are left to work together in an enclosed environment, mold is the most natural outcome. In appliances, mold can corrode the metal or glass elements of the appliance, at which point you might wish you only had to deal with your electronic control board!

The technicians of Essential Appliance are trained in the evaluation of moisture levels or mold in your appliances, and a simple call to Essential could help prevent a world of problems with all of your appliances.

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