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Commercial Microwave Oven Repairs

Commercial Microwave Oven Repairs - Panasonic Sonic SteamerRestaurants or stores that use microwaves need to purchase a commercial microwave; this is because most insurance policies will not cover normal residential models for commercial use. And commercial microwave oven repairs need to be performed by a trained technician.

Essential Appliance’s expert technicians are trained in the repair of a wide variety of commercial microwave models.

Just $79 for any service call.

Your service fee will be applied to your appliance repair cost.

Commercial microwave ovens come in heavy, light-duty, and steam models. Each model has unique features designed to suit a commercial food provider’s specific needs:

  • Commercial Microwave - Amana MXP22 High Speed Commercial Combination OvenHeavy-duty commercial microwaves use more power, have all stainless steel exteriors, cook or reheat foods faster, and have several sometimes complex programmable features. These units are ideal for establishments that reheat a lot of different foods. 


  • Microwave - medium dutyLight-duty microwaves are ideal for locations that do not have a lot of space, and that reheat or warm small amounts of food throughout the day. These smaller models use less power than their heavy-duty counterparts, may or may not be manufactured with stainless steel exteriors, and often have more basic programming options than the larger heavy-duty microwaves.

The most important factors to consider for a commercial microwave are wattage and usage levels you require – you can read more about commercial microwave types here.

Simply put, the higher the wattage, the faster the microwave cooks food. If you operate a coffee shop or small restaurant, and you only occasionally use a microwave to warm muffins or to heat up a cup of hot chocolate, a light-duty model microwave oven will be fine.

For more substantial operations you can save an enormous amount of cooking time by purchasing a heavy-duty model, one with more wattage. Since high wattage microwaves cook products quicker, selecting a microwave with a higher wattage than your current model can have a dramatic impact on your kitchen’s efficiency. Here is a simple chart that itemizes some wattage and cook time relationships:

Microwave Wattage

Item Cook Time

Items Cooked per Hour

1000 Watts



1200 Watts



1800 Watts



2200 Watts



3000 Watts



Here are just some of the brands we handle:

  • Commercial MicrowaveAmana Commercial Microwave Ovens and Convection Microwave Combo Ovens
  • Summit Commercial Microwave Ovens
  • Commercial Microwave Ovens by Sharp
  • Panasonic Commercial Microwave Ovens
  • TwinTouch Commercial Microwave Ovens
  • Sharp Commercial Microwave Ovens

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