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Built-In and High-End Barbecue Grill Repairs

Viking built-in and high-end barbecue repairsWhat is more relaxing than being outside here in south Florida, enjoying the warm, sunny weather of Palm Beach County while dining in your own backyard or pool area. To many who live here, the barbecue is an essential appliance for the total enjoyment of what Florida has to offer outdoors.

No matter how well you treat your barbecue grill, how often you clean it, or even what top-of-the-line accessories you purchase for its use – at some point you will experience an issue, and barbecue repairs will be needed. When that time comes, you will want to have an experienced barbecue repair specialist.

At Essential Appliance, our technicians have both the skills and the service experience you need for all of your built-in and high-end barbecue grill repairs!

A built-in barbecue grill or one of the stand alone high-end barbecue grills can be the greatest outdoor luxury. The problem occurs when you try to find a competent and reliable Viking grill repair technician who can handle built-in and high-end Viking grill repairs when they are needed. The last thing you need is someone who has fixed some basic patio or balcony grills and claims that this is the experience needed for any barbecue grill repair.

You want someone who can find the source of your Viking grill problem, understands the repairs necessary, and has access to all of the required Viking grill parts to service your barbecue grill. And just as importantly, you want this Viking barbecue grill repair expert to show up when you need him and bill you fairly.

Before you panic and start trying to pull your barbecue grill apart to find a solution on your own, you can call Essential Appliance at (561) 799-3611 and ask to have the job done right.

We service most major brands for built-in and high-end barbecue grill repairs, and have done so for years. We handle:

  • Luxor built-in barbecue AHT-30-BIBull BBQ barbecue grill repairs
  • DCS barbecue grill repairs
  • EVO barbecue grill repairs
  • Fire Magic barbecue grill repairs
  • Luxor barbecue grill repairs
  • Lynx barbecue grill repairs
  • Modern Home Products barbecue grill repairs
  • SUN barbecue grill repairs
  • TEC barbecue grill repairs
  • Twin Eagles barbecue grill repairs
  • Viking barbecue grill repairs
  • And many others…

We charge only $79 for a service call,
and this fee is applied directly against any work we end up doing to repair your high-end barbecue.